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The foretelling of Doomsday has come to pass. All that remains are fading memories. The lingering shadowed lands will soon also cease to be. You find yourself amidst the crumbling reality without a past, but not without hope. Caught between the World that Was and the Stars that Remain.


Nihilation is a solo roleplaying game about what happens after Doomsday. Set in a world undone by the apocalypse, you take on the role of a someone trapped in a place that's between existence and oblivion. The game is inherently bleak and dangerous, but you have a chance to shape and save the world.


You will explore The World that Was, a fading figment of the old world left warped and ruined by Doomsday. Across its baneful terrain you will discover long lost memorabilia, remnants of society, forgotten memories, and a path towards Salvation. But beware, there are forces at work that would see you fail. Dreadful Foes on the side of entropy seek to quicken the coming of the Final End.


The game uses 10 player-facing actions to explore the map, search for trinkets, opposes hostile foes, traverse the land, restore lost memories, confront risks, trade for assistance, delve into living memories, evade danger, and get answers. You will be filling out a hex map as you explore new regions. This is also where you will be tracking your character's movement, deaths, any Doom Signs you find, as well as the location of your foes.


The game features:

  • 2d6 action system powering the entire game.
  • 10 player-facing actions that drive your progress towards an ultimate goal.
  • Drawing a hex map as you explore more of the doomed world.
  • 11 unique types of terrain to discover.
  • Taking permanent damage by tearing off parts of your character sheet.
  • A world that warps and changes each time you die.
  • Evocative prompts for creating memories and scenarios.
  • 18 weird rule-bending foes to oppose.

Include with the game are a number of free optional add-ons to enhance or alter your experience.

ADD-ON #1 (released)


Your actions have not gone unnoticed. Each step you get towards Salvation draws more eyes to you. The Descry heralds the entropic forces against you. As you get closer to your ultimate goal, the world becomes more challenging.

Use this if you want a more difficult game.

ADD-ON #2 (released)


With the knowledge of its forthcoming demise, the World that Was lashes out in a hateful rage, spewing abhorrent memories across the lands. If you can soothe the memories and reach the Whilom, you can stop it from bringing about its own destruction.

WARNING - This add-on deals with subject matter that some may find disturbing.

Use this if you want an alternate/additional objective.

ADD-ON #3 (in-production)


To be revealed...

If you reach Salvation, please share your map and doomsday book on social media with #nihilation

Nihilation was created for the Firelights Jam 2023 and is based on Firelights by René-Pierm.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Nihilation V1.2 (pages).pdf 37 MB
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Nihilation Hex Map.pdf 1 MB
Nihilation Character Sheet.pdf 1 MB
Nihilation Foe Cards.pdf 7 MB
Nihilation Add-on 1 Doom Descry.pdf 98 kB
Nihilation Add-on 2 Whirling Whilom.pdf 457 kB

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Hello, Jason! This looks fantastic, particulary with planned add-ons. I have a friend, in need of a helping hand, who I hope to get into TTRPGs and this looks perfect for them. Are they any plans for more Community Copies soon? Many thanks!

I have just added some more!

Thank you so much for doing this so quickly! I'll let them know!


I haven't got all the way through this but I can tell it's really good with lots of original ideas and flavour. Do you have any plans to have it printed?


Thanks for the kind words, Alfred.

I do not have any plans for a print run at the moment, although I am open to the idea in the future. Right now I am focusing on updating the game and supporting it with some free optional add-ons.